See what our clients and partners have to say about Captivating Real Estate Inc.!

"I recently had the pleasure of being the listing agent on one of their investment properties.  What a wonderful experience to work with someone who knows the business and has an intimate knowledge of the area.  They brought pride and craftsmanship to the project. They really honed in on what the home needed to blend historic charm with modern touches.  I am excited to see what projects they take on next!  One thing I am sure of...the end result will be fantastic. " – Kelly Losquadro, Realtor, Long and Foster.

"Working with Captivating Real Estate has been a very smooth and rewarding process. As a contractor, I've worked with many other investors and honestly can say that's not always the case. CRE seems to go the extra mile by adding some very nice personal touches to their homes making the end result stand out amongst other homes. They are not your typical company trying to find the cheapest way to get a home on the market or chasing profit margins; instead they care about repairing their homes the proper way making my job as a contractor very easy." – Kevin Wantz. Owner / Blue Line Home Improvements.

"I have worked with the guys over at Captivating Real Estate Inc. on several different business transactions. I find them to be very responsive and knowledgeable about their business. Having a background in construction, real estate, and IT, I am fascinated with the work that they are doing! I am impressed by the care and thought they put into their projects. It is always refreshing to see someone put effort into the quality and appeal of their work! They take care to preserve the character of the homes and neighborhoods they work in! I always look forward to getting a call from this crew!" – Rob Harper, President, Tech in a Breeze

"As an investor, I am pleased to say the Captivating Real Estate has proven to be a great choice to grow my money with a high rate of return. The team at Captivating Real Estate are professionals that understand the Real Estate business and deliver a quality product. They do what they say they will do.

My investment transactions went just as I had anticipated. I was kept informed of the project’s progress along the way and when completed, it was a highly marketable home. They have a proven and organized process to manage the projects from start to finish.

I was paid back principal and interest just days after the sale of the property as expected. I eagerly reinvested in the next available deal. I have recommended Captivating Real Estate to a few friends and family and they have invested as well. I am looking forward to working with people at Captivating Real Estate again!" –Silent Investor

"What wonderful things you are doing in Frederick County!  You are breathing new life into houses that need to once again be HOMES.  The renovations you are performing are of quality, style and beauty.  What I love about this process, is that the finished product is sold with confidence.  You know that you have done a great job, and the new owners appreciate the thoughtfulness of the renovation.  I appreciate you allowing me to be a part of the process, I cannot wait for the next home!" – Kelly Losquadro, Realtor, Long and Foster.

"The staff at Captivating Real Estate are THE BEST! From the first moment we met them, to the last days of their hard work! They were approachable, friendly, understanding, thorough with their responses, personable, and right away I felt I could trust their company! They bought the house I grew up in. From the age of 4-30, I was SO ATTACHED to this house! Once it was purchased they told me that they would keep in touch regarding the progress. Guess what... They truly kept their word! I had gotten a few updates on the home. Most importantly, the day came when Drew called me to let me know that I could come and personally view the house.
I eagerly came to see all of their hard work and efforts! This house is over 100 years old! Captivating Real Estate managed to keep plenty of the character that makes that house a home! They gave it the BEST renovation I could have never thought to ask for!!!!! Things were NEW! They were CLEAN! The house looked phenomenal! The floor plan was altered, nothing was taken away from it. They took down one wall and in doing so was able to contribute two rooms in the process! They added a laundry room and a half bath, while still leaving a HUGE kitchen and dining room layout! I'm still so very impressed with how wonderful the house now looks because of their hard work. He and his crew changed plenty of things inside and outside of the house and it truly showed on their final day of work in the home. I truly could not be more pleased with the entire process and the outcome! I'm so thankful to all of you! Thank you guys for truly doing the BEST within the home!" – Katelyn McDonald

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